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4 November, 2009

I love and use WordPress all the time. I’ve been working on something for the last few months. I don’t want to promise a timeline, cause I know it all depends on my time and bug testing, but I’ve been working on a version of (E)2 Gallery Pro as a WordPress plugin.

You’ll be able to upload images, manage galleries, create galleries, gallery sets, edit images, add titles, descriptions, change the sort order, and choose from various template designs. I’ve been polishing up the (E)2 Upload admin in wordpress and things are looking pretty sweet. I’ve got a some testing and plugin tie-ins I still working on, but I’m just wondering what all of you think of a wordpress plugin? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

Sneek peak Images after the jump. Leave a comment.

Here are some sneek peak screen shots.

(E)2 Upload Admin

(E)2 Upload Admin

Create New Gallery Set

Create New Gallery Set

Upload Images - uploading

Upload Images - uploading

(E)2 Upload Edit Gallery

(E)2 Upload Edit Gallery

Create New Gallery

Create New Gallery

*Some features may change. Copyright 2009 (E)2 Interactive


  1. Christine Green Says:

    Looking forward to this!

  2. Ryan Searle Says:

    Love IT. Can’t wait for it to be released.

  3. Suzanne Says:

    God I wish it was already done! I’m using a wordpress template for every other page not part of the gallery and making the css match… a plug in would have been extremely helpful.

  4. stan Says:

    Love it one question/suggestion is it going to have a full window resize.
    In case I am not being clear a good example is the way the gallery work in flickr / or the way the shadow box opens up with a window overlay. That would push this component over the top.

  5. stan Says:

    sorry I feel silly it does have that functionality. I can’t wait for this to come out It is the best html/javascript gallery I seen so far.

  6. E2 Says:

    Yes it does have the large image overlay, if you upload large enough images. You can also choose to not show large images.

  7. stan Says:

    So excited can’t wait if you need beta testers… keep me in mind. Thanks.

  8. Jacques Breton Says:

    e2gallery pro is the best gallery i ever saw. People are in full control of what they want to see or skip. You choses images you want to see and skip others. This is exactly what I’m looking for my website. Just bought the first version (e2gallerypro) but unable to install it on my website (wordpress).
    I hope you will finish soon to bring us this gallery.
    Thanks for this very good work !
    Excuse my bad english …this is not my daily language ..

  9. suhelkhan Says:

    Can this tool create thumbnails of images automatically or there is option to create thumbs of images

    please suggest

  10. E2 Says:

    On the current (E)2 Gallery Pro it does not yet. On the WordPress plugin that I’m working on, it will. You’ll only need to upload 1 image and it will create the thumbnail, medium, and large image (if the image you upload is big enough to be a large image.)

  11. Mark Says:

    Yes!! This would be very useful. Would be worth the price you are asking for developer’s license. This will be one hot seller in the WordPress community.

    Congrats, great work so far!

(E)2 Gallery Pro updated to work with IE9
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