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(E)2 Gallery Pro Documentation

How to use the (E)2 Upload Admin

Uploading/Manage Images

  1. Uploading/Managing photos is done via the Upload/Manage Images tab Click this to open the Upload/Manage interface
    Upload/Manage Interface
  2. Select the folder you would like to upload photos in, listed in the Gallery Folders list, or Create a new folder Upload Create New Folder.
    1. Select the folder you want to upload photos in, and create 2 folders: ‘large’ and ‘thumbs’ (if you plan to have a large image preview of your images)
      Create New Folder
    2. To upload files click the upload button Upload Create New Folder
    3. Select files for upload and press Select

      Select Files

    4. File will appear in Upload Box and upload will begin.

    5. Repeat process for your large images and thumbnail images.

Create XML file

  1. Click on the Output XML Tab
  2. Click on the Download XML Sample File linkDownload XML File link and view the source, copy and paste the sample XML into your favorite HTML editor.
  3. Fill out the form and click the Get XML button:

    Output XML for Image Gallery

  4. Select and Copy the XML output

    XML output selected

  5. Go back to your sample XML file in your HTML editor and remove the Sample XML except for:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


    And paste the XML output in between <galleries>  
    </galleries> tags in the XML file. For multile galleries, repeat upload process and Output XML for the second gallery and paste the XML output after the First </gallery> tag.

  6. Save the XML file
  7. Click on the Upload/Edit XML Tab Upload/Edit XML Tab
  8. Upload your saved XML file you created. (Make sure that the file name is the same name that is set in your e2config.php: $e2xmlurl )