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(E)2 Gallery Pro Demo


Multiple Galleries

Create multiple galleries for your photos to organize and present your photographs/videos


20 Supported Media Formats (flv, mp4, mov, swf,, Dailymotion, Flickr Video, Google Video, Metacafe, Myspace Video, Revver, Rutube, Seesmicm, Tudou, Youku, YouTube, Veoh, Viddler, Vimeo, 12seconds)

Slide Show

Play your images in a slide show, press play and watch your images.

Customizable CSS

Customize the look and design of the gallery via CSS. Don’t know CSS, no worries, designed templates available.

XML Driven

XML Driven content, add yourimages, titles, descriptions, large image previews and more.

View XML Sample

Sell Your Prints

Sell your prints via Google Checkout or Paypal. Make money selling your beautiful photographs right in the (E)2 Gallery Pro.

Customize for your Language

(E)2 Gallery pro allows you to put in the text you want for your language.

Keyboard Control

As of version 1.2, the (E)2 Gallery Pro introduced keyboard controls. Move back and forwards with the → ← arrow keys and pause the slideshow with the “ESC” button.

(E)2 Upload Admin

*Upload images and mange the XML file via the (E)2 Upload Admin.

*System Requirements for e2upload manager

PHP 5.2.+ for the upload/file management functionality.
The gallery will run on PHP4+, the e2upload only requires 5.2.+


Version 1.3

  • Fixed Pause/Play button Tooltip sticking on click
  • If there is no title on images no tooltip will display
  • Fixed missing design image elements

Version 1.2

  • Fixed info box display issue for IE7
  • Fixed tooltips displaying image path in IE
  • Added keyboard button controls. When viewing galleries, press “ESC” to close galleries view. When slideshow is playing press “ESC” to stop or “SPACE” bar to stop playing the slideshow. Move forward with → key and back with → key
  • Added Show Info box at start option in configuration.

Version 1.1

  • Bug fixes to XML parsing errors on some servers
  • Added compatibility for Design packs (design packs only compatible with Version 1.1)
  • Added Tooltip messages to small icons
  • Bug fixes to the e2upload admin
  • Bug fixes for Windows Server compatibility

Version 1.01

  • Bug fixes for Windows Server compatibility

Version 1.0 First Release